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[Growth Hacker]

Noticed how many people quit working out when losing motivation or abandon a diet after not achieving the expected results? We came up with an algo that understands the movement a user does in the gym, so we can track reps, manage rests, asses the best weight and recommend following meals that will optimize reaching their goal. Exclusively for Apple Watch, Juicelous is turning those devices into Personal Trainers, with the hassle of becoming the wearable fitness platform of a healthier future.


We are looking for a young and ambitious Growth Hacker to lead and execute our Marketing Strategy.

You’ll work directly with the CEO, proposing, running and evaluating user acquisition channels, and analysing user data from the app to understand engagement, retention and identify new growth opportunities.


The ideal candidate will have:

If you’re the kind of person that feels confortable in risky and fast-paced environments, is anxious of making an impact from day one and would love to disrupt a 80B$ fitness industry, please send your CV and a cover email to [email protected] with [GrowthHacker] in the subject.


Juicelous is a recently-founded, Barcelona-located HealthTech Startup. We just launched our MVP to the App Store and we’re facing a growth phase where the amount of momentum will be set by talent like you. This is why we’re offering Equity as first compensatory option. If you are interested, and really bring value to the table we will try to match it by fulfilling other personal compensatory requests (like remote office, base salary, moving expenses, etc.)